Artez Presentatie bands: Relict + Banana Rama Ska Orchestra

Een nieuwe lichting smaakmakers van het hoogtse niveau presenteren hun werk.

Relict Band Photo 1


Samples, loops and a bunch of electronic instruments as well as acoustic ones make this duo sound like a full band. Inspired by sweeping sounds from all over the world, electronic music from the 80ies and unswerving hipster-coolness, Relict will take you on a colourful safari with sunny African beats, intriguing sitar licks, Latin dance music, soulful vintage sounds and underwater frequencies. Besides playing originals, this duo likes to cover bands such as Glass Animals, James Blake, Banks, Jack Garratt and Jamie Woon.Their unique sound will get you a little dancy for sure.

Banana Rama Ska Orchestra:

Rangtangtangtang! Tschick, Tschick! Bruhhhbraabrubruuhh! That's the sound of the Banana Rama Ska Orchestra. They are no real orchestra, but as loud and as energetic. The Cocktail of Swing, Surf, Blues, Balkan and Dub, but with too much jamaican rum. Surfing on the first Ska wave and kicking your ass to Tokio, this band will make you move. So put on your skanking shoes!

Ewout Dercksen

Hierna zal er nog een Presentatie zijn Ewout Dercksen.


Entree: Gratis
Start: 20:00

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