Bag of bones + Support

Vrijdag live:

Een van dé beste bands van afgelopen jaar keert terug Blues / Rock.

Bag of Bones is an international trio delivering bluesrock in the best tradition.
Bass player Daniel Lottersberger and drummer Stefan Mörtl lay down strong, steady, hypnotizing grooves. Elco Jongkind brings fire on guitar, sometimes smouldering, sometimes straight through the roof, but capturing at all times, a rare quality.

Bag of Bones mainly play songs of their own. They pay homage to their heroes, but never without giving the songs a creative twist. They got the skills to do it; all of the players are clear virtuosos. It’s all about the music. It’s all about things coming together on stage, grooving, improvising, finding the essence. Yes sir, like a Bag of Bones.

Start: 22:00
Entree: Gratis
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