Taylor Made

R&B, Funk Soul

Taylormade_poster.jpgTaylor Made Band The complete R&B sensation! The music of Taylor Made is completely adapted to the deep baritone voice of Eddie Taylor. The band explores all corners of soul and funk. For the ten musicians of Taylor Made, the R&B tradition is a 'huge hunting ground'. So, they play funk and classic soul as well as a few jazzy ballads. This versatility and their open-mindedness guarantee an evening full of groovy surprises. A performance of Taylor Made leads to a total R&B experience.

Eddie Taylor - Lead Vocals
Valerie Linger - Backing Vocals
Belita Carol - Backing Vocals
Cor Kalkman - Keys
Ferry Akerina - Guitar
Ron Remeeus - Bass
Willem Latumanuwij - Drums
Niek Ulrich - Alto,Tenor and Baritone Saxophone
Joury Noordermeer - Trumpet
Tim van Driel - Trumpet

Aanvang: 21:30
Entree: 5,-

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