Artez Presentatie bands: The Marauders + Lickable

Een nieuwe lichting smaakmakers van het hoogtse niveau presenteren hun werk.

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The Marauders

An unlikely band of misfits that met under shady circumstances in a bar in Tennessee. Their name has been rumoured to be an homage to the unicorn of electric guitars and evokes sophistication but ultimately also frightening efficiency. Consisting of Jack 'Fingers' Moseley on guitar, Kozlowski on bass and Käthe Huffelpuff on drums, they cleverly deceive the guitar trio clichés with their masterful arrangements and fierce improvisation without every losing their garage roots. The Kalamazooan Times has called them “Gruesome – In the good way” and described their concerts “[like] that intricate horror thriller that will change your life, if you dare to watch it”.


Lickable ...the taste of sound

Welcome to the world of Lickable, where fairy floss clouds linger on hills of salt, and roads of bitter peel and sweet fruit unfold in front of you. “Eat me” – a small paper tag on an instrument case, inviting you. A single bite and doors open to an acoustic world where cinnamon castles melt on stringed horizons, where birds of prey fly upside down, and masks unfold their secrets in 3/4 time. Enchanted by a voice like clear water, enlivened by spicy spanish accordeon and the charming trills of a licorice clarinet, smoothed out by creamy violin melodies, the compositions of Lickable offer you a blend of tastes. Taking a slice of contemporary chamber music, sprinkling your cake with flakes of Klezmer, loading your fork with new sounds and fairy tale lyrics – Lickable invites you on a journey beyond, where the ears leave you and only taste can guide the way.

Entree: Gratis
Start: 20:00

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